life is a beautiful sport

love this new lacoste campaign.

emerson love


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I’m trying to find white jeans.

to listen


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Love Kimbra. Particularly Song ONE and TWO.

And this performance.

new basics


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I honestly didn’t realize how hard finding  a nice basic tee and pin thin black sandals was going to be.

back to normal


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I think it’s amazing that as fast as bad things can happen to you, good things can happen to you just as fast.

In fact, I’ll venture to say that sometimes bad things happen to you so that GREAT things can happen to you.

silver lining



Life always tends to throw you curve balls. It’s the old adage of, “We make plans and God laughs.” But I have faith that there will always be a morning after the darkness. That good may not win the battle, but will always win the war. And if you work hard, are honest and considerate of others — you can’t go wrong.

The light will always shine through the darkness.

And remember, that there will always be gatekeepers for anything worth having and fighting for. So keep on going.



I haven’t been blogging here in a minute.

Pretty busy with moving, the Holidays and running BookPinning. 

No matter, I think 2013 is going to be a quiet year though. I’m pretty happy for that. It’ll give me a chance to just enjoy everything I’ve been working so hard for.

pretty things


Image via father rabbit

model citizen



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